Best ways to use spreadsheets in online marketing

Microsoft Excel is one of the most important programs used today. This is why employers require every new hire to learn Excel before they are brought into the company. If you are in online marketing, the program is doubly vital to the success of the campaigns you will be running. So, why is it necessary to use spreadsheets in online marketing?

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1. Scheduling

For starters, online marketers often have to ensure that each client gets the time they deserve. To do this, they carve their days into blocks. Every client is assigned a block of time. What better way to do this than by using spreadsheets?

Excel comes in handy while scheduling client meetings into their respective blocks. You can also use spreadsheets to identify the objectives to be met for every work block. This will keep your productivity at its peak, day in, day out.

2. Content Calendars

Another use you can put spreadsheets into is in the creation of calendar templates. This means that you can use Excel to schedule the writing as well as the uploading of content to your website and blog.

With a calendar right in front of you, it will be much easier to remain on track with every project you have to accomplish. It will also give you a point of reference in case you have to review what you did on what day sometime in the future.

As such, many online marketing professionals have taken to using Excel spreadsheets to assign content writing projects and, later, for bookkeeping purposes when they need to get a client to pay.

With an online marketing calendar, you will get an effective schedule of events for your content creation purposes while also being able to administer your business/job.

3. Approvals

With a spreadsheet, you will be able to organize all client approvals – especially when you have created multiple versions for them to take a pick from. For instance, you might create a website for a client using 20+ PSDs in a month. If you managed the project using spreadsheets, you would be able to document all client approvals.

Excel would also help you link back to each correct version so that the developers in the team will know which file they ought to reference.

4. Preparation

At times, preparing content for your online marketing tasks requires time. With a spreadsheet, you will be able to create a form so that the copywriters (or yourself) will know how to transform a design composition into CMS fields (like CTAs, Descriptions, Subheads, and Headlines, among others).

Without Excel, the project will go slow and content entry will not be as effective when the entire system is ready. After the CMS is available, you can color code to indicate the entries that have already been transferred.

5. Tracking

Last but not least, spreadsheets will come in handy when you need to track your SEO results. The entire point of most online marketing projects is to rank highly on search engines – which culminates in more hits and visits, added sales, greater returns on investment, and increased profits.

With an Excel spreadsheet, you can easily take the words and phrases that are attracting traffic to your website and track the returns on investment. At the end of the day, everyone wants to realize a profit and there’s no better way to track everything that with the right spreadsheet applications.

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