Choosing The Right University Course For You

Choosing a university course is a big decision as you are taking the first steps in the direction of your future career, so if you put in the time now and make the right choice when it comes to your course of study, you can avoid career-hopping down the line or, worse, ending up in a job you don’t like.


A good starting point is writing a list of your interests as you are more likely to excel in an area you’re genuinely interested in. Universities nowadays provide a broad range of courses across all disciplines, from photography to psychology to law, so whatever your interests are, you’re sure to find a course to match them. You could even group similar interests together to see what your main areas of interest are. For example, if you like playing different sports as well as helping people, physiotherapy or P. E. teaching could be the ideal professions for you.



It’s also worth considering your academic strengths by thinking about which subjects you excelled at in school. If you go on to study something you have previously performed well in, likelihoods are you will continue to excel at university level. However, do not choose a course based on past successes without taking your interests into account. It’s important that you are interested in whatever you study at university, otherwise, it’ll be difficult dragging yourself out of bed for those early lectures!


For some, location is an important factor when choosing their university course. Different cities will have different costs of living, which may play a part in your decision. Rents, in particular, vary massively depending on where you live. Furthermore, some people prefer the intimacy of a small city where you constantly meet people you know in the street, while others like the anonymity afforded by bigger cities.


Career Guidance

As this is a decision that will shape the coming years of your life significantly, it might be worth talking to a career guidance counsellor about your options. There may be careers out there that you didn’t even know about! If you tell the counsellor your interests and the subjects you particularly liked in school, they should be able to talk you through some of the options available to you. Alternatively, you could sit down with your parents and get their opinion on the options you’re considering. However, remember that it’s you who will be spending years of your life studying whatever you choose, not them, so make sure that whatever choice you ultimately make is one that you are happy with.

Felecia Hunt

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