Could You Make Good Money as a Freelance Writer?

Freelance writing is a great job option for college students because it is something that they can do when they are away from class. I actually started this career when I was an architecture student because I was having a hard time finding a job that could work around my college schedule. Now I do this for a full-time income, and I make good money at it. Not all freelance writers make high salaries, but most people at least make more than minimum wage in this profession. If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer in the near future, you may want to learn about the money you could make in this line of work. Here are some charts and explanations to help you figure that out.

Different Kinds of Payments for Freelance Writers

Freelance writers do not always get paid by the hour like most other workers are. I have actually never had an hourly job. Instead of getting paid by the amount of time I spend writing, I get paid based on the amount of writing that I do. This gives me motivation to work more efficiently because I will be paid more money. Fixed price work is usually issued by the word, so I get paid a certain amount of money for every word that I write for a customer. The pay rate will vary from client to client, as will the time needed to complete an article.

The problem that I have with hourly pay is that writers usually try to milk that for all it is worth. Two of my clients refer to me as a robot because I literally get through three times as much work as all of the other writers do for the company. Why? Because I’m good at my job and I’m not worried about eating up the clock. I can get through three times as many articles as everyone else because I don’t have to rely on time to get paid. I just work as quickly as possible, and then I earn a lot more money in a shorter frame of time.

Freelance Writer Salary Statistics

It is impossible to say what the average freelance writer salary is because there are so many factors that go into influencing that. I can’t even tell you what my average salary is because there is so much of a variation. Nevertheless, has figured out some common salary ranges of this profession that you may want to keep in mind. The results might be surprising…

Salary by Years of Experience

5-9 years: $30,521 – $81,559 per year

10-19 years: $34,521 – $98,092 per year

20 years or more: $56,982 – $75,629 per year

Hourly Rate by Years of Experience

5-9 years: $14.88 – $55.18 per hour

10-19 years: $21.50 – $75.00 per hour

20 years or more: $26.00 – $91.48 per hour

See? There is some pretty decent money to be made in this profession. You can write on the side while going to school and pay all of the bills you have in a month. That’s a winning solution all the way around. Think about this job carefully, and figure out if it is right for you.


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